Love and Body language

“Love has no language” is a popular and well-known catch phrase. Did you know, that in fact, love has a clear, universal and uniform language throughout the world? Body language, contrary to spoken language, leaves no room for any lies and could reveal everything about your partner. Would you like to be able to recognize these signs? Do you want to know what’s going on in your relationship? Let the body tell you.

Haim Toledano body language expert, personal and organizational consultant and group facilitator for the past ten years.


  1. Eye contact – “Eye contact is the first step in a relationship” explains Haim Toledano .The human gaze not only gives us information, it also reveals additional feelings too. A lingering gaze and repeated glances signify interest, and vice versa. Additional gestures such as opened eyes, touching one’s hair, blushing or smiling may indicate the other person’s interest.


  1. Posture – Body posture has a significant role in building interest with another person. If that person leans towards you during a conversation, with hands open, this could be construed as a romantic interest or sexual attraction. If someone’s legs are slightly open whilst sitting down, this almost certainly indicates interest.


  1. Self-Grooming – When attracted to someone, it’s only natural that we care what we look like. We all want to look our best and so unconsciously, we arrange our hair, our ties or our lipstick. These signs are beneficial during a first date when you want to know whether the other person is also attracted to you.



  1. The Mirror Effect – Everyone’s heard the well-known saying, “opposites attract”. However, research reveals that the opposite is true. Couples that last longer are usually similar to each other. By “similarities”, we don’t mean appearance, but rather, opinions, behaviours and beliefs. This mirror effect is also noticeable during a first date. Is the other person imitating your gestures? Is their posture a mirror image of your own? “This is a clear sign of attraction and good communication”, adds Haim Toledano .


  1. Distance – A person’s level of interest could also be measured by distance. The distance between a couple can attest to the well-being of their relationship or alternatively, indicate a problem. A couple in love will prefer to sit close to each other rather than far apart. Even during a first date, tables may separate a couple, but indications of interest would be reaching out a hand or leaning your head forward, for example.

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