Can a change in our body language affect our consciousness?

Can a change in our body language affect our consciousness? More specifically, can we give ourselves a sense of control and power by consciously and deliberately using body gestures? Most articles on this subject discuss how to interpret body language. We, however, want to discuss whether body language could have the opposite effect? Can we “fake” our body language? Are we aware of what certain gestures can indicate? Are we able to force the feelings that certain body languages create? Many studies have been conducted on this subject, by Dr. Amy Cuddy, specifically. A doctor of social psychology, Dr. Cuddy gained recognition after her fascinating talk at TED, where she revealed how critical body language is to our emotional welfare, confidence and conduct in general.

“A fascinating conclusion arises from Dr. Cuddy’s lecture”, adds Haim Toledano, an expert on body language, personal and organizational consultant and group facilitator. “It could be concluded that body language also has an opposite effect, it does not only convey messages outwards, it also influences us from within, affects our consciousness and how we are expected to think or behave”.

Understanding and implementing this insight could greatly affect the way we perceive ourselves and our surroundings. For example, someone who wants to feel confident only has to sit upright with an air of authority. Eventually this “acting” will have an effect on the person themselves and possibly make them feel confident in turn.

Anyone is able to improve their well-being in a variety of matters by using these little tricks…


  1. Smile: Smiling is contagious, and it could spontaneously improve a miserable mood. Even if you’re having a bad day, try smiling. Even if you’re unaware of it, a fake smile can quickly become a real one, thus improving your mood. A smile stimulates the positive feedback mechanism in your brain, more than eating chocolate, which is known to cause pleasure. British researchers have shown that people who smile about 400 times a day are healthier.


  1. Sense of Confidence: Haim Toledano’s winning tip focuses on building a sense of confidence. Throughout our lives, we are often required to withstand uncomfortable and stressful situations. These situations may prompt us to act in a certain manner that may be construed negetively by the other party. Therefore, when we are faced with a difficult situation, such as having a conversation with our boss or any other situation that may cause anxiety or insecurity, we should take a few minutes to ourselves and try to practice standing in a manner that conveys confidence and authority for 10 minutes. Putting your hands on your hips or lifting them upwards in a winning position will do the job and you’ll shortly feel calmer and more secure.


  1. Dress: This tip is not directly related to body language but it could certainly influence it. Dress in a way that represents the person you want to be. For example, if you want to manage people, dress accordingly. Dressing elegantly and business-like will make you feel authoritative and confident and others will feel the same towards you as a result.



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