Body Language in the Business World

It’s well-known in the business industry that one must be able to read hidden messages, and understand more than what we are told. A skilled businessman will know how to identify and analyse the body language of a person they are talking to. Understanding non-verbal communication is an extremely significant skill when closing successful deals.

“Body language is a communication unto itself, and it includes all bodily gestures and positions at any given time, “said Haim Toledano Body language expert

If we are attentive both to the body language and the verbal message conveyed by the person in front of us, only then can we understand the thoughts they might be having.

A person is perceived as unreliable when their body language and words convey opposite messages.

Trust in the Business World

Closing deals in the world of business requires offering a trustworthy impression. It is important that we offer a sense of security and professionalism.

We in turn also examine the person in front of us. In fact, during a business meeting, all bodily gestures are analysed, and decisions in closing a deal are mostly based on impressions and body language messages.

When a partner or customer wants to close a deal, they must trust the person standing in front of them. A potential partner or customer wants to feel respected, that they have a place of importance and that their opinions matter to you.

Messages to Pay Attention to

  1. Sitting comfortably will convey confidence and professionalism. Sitting stiffly however, will convey insecurity or anxiety.
  2. Facial expressions will convey whether we are interested or bored. A frozen expression or an on-going smile may express insecurity.
  3. Eye contact relays trust and a desire to communicate fully and in an easy manner. In contrast, avoiding eye contact damages trust, and may cause the other party to think that the person is hiding something or being told lies.

It’s important that you make an effort in understanding a partner or the customer’s culture and background. Body gestures or facial expressions can express one thing in our culture, but an entirely different thing, or even quite the opposite, in another. For example, it could be that someone hoping to impress may in fact appear offensive to the other party.

Haim Toledano Body language expert, personal and organizational consultant and group facilitator for the past ten years.


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